Wednesday, 6 February 2008

RAF Museum and sewing machines!

On Monday we had a trip to the RAF museum in London with our Home Ed group. It was a very long journey for us as it was over an hour in the car to meet up for the coach which was due to leave at 9.15!! So an early start for our family, but we weren't the last to arrive by any means!!

The journey took longer into London than anticipated, with the driver getting a little 'lost' so we didn't get there until 11.30. The boys went striaght in to their workshops - Helicopters for David and Rockets for the older two.

This gave Rob and I a chance to wander around the aeroplane hanger with William. It had been quite a difficult journey with Will needing a wee just as we got in to London, so we were glad of the time alone to recouperate!!

Lunch next and then the boys played in the aeronaut interactive area. Even William enjoyed playing on the activities. We managed a quick look at some of the planes with the boys...mainly the Bomber hall with the huge Vulcan bomber. It has all the bomb hatches open and the bombs lined up underneath! Fantastic!

There just wasn't enough time there! The coach was due to leave at 2.15. We needed at least another hour to look at everything. The boys so enjoyed the hands on bit that is was difficult to drag them away to look at everything else, even though they would have loved the planes etc too!

And today, just when I thought i fancied a quiet day, letting the boys drift about doing their own thing, we had a really hectic and productive day!! The house obviously looks like a complete disaster area but they have all been so busy!!

First Jonathan and I did some Numeracy and Literacy on the BBC Children's learning zone. He favours maths and is very good with mental arithmatic. We also looked at fractions, symmetry, angles and rotation which he showed a natural ability in all areas. Brilliant. So pleasing to see the depth of his knowledge despite having done very little for over a year.

Tom, meanwhile was on the hunt for a bag to use in the car for a rope and tools etc. He couldn't find what he was looking for, so decided he could make one out of the curtain that was hanging up at the front door.....well it was until we painted the hallway last week!!! He drew a design on paper and then drew out a pattern on the curtain as it was spread out across the kitchen floor. We discussed the complexity of his design and how the bag would be closed and eventually he altered the design to make less sewing.

Then we got the old sewing machine out of the loft. And I mean OLD. The instruction book looks as if it was made in the 50' this possible? Not sure of dates for sewing machines. It is electric with a foot pedal and the booklet says 'magic! 'so it must be an early one. We had a quick go, decided it needed oiling and then I gave Tom a short demonstration. And then he made a bag!!! With a tie fastening at the top! Then Jonathan wanted a bag, to go over his shoulder, like a hunting bag to carry ferrets in (don't ask!) so between them they designed it and made it. I had no input what so ever!

And here they are.......

And this is the ancient machine that he did it on!!!

While all this was going on, David was up stairs with his lego making Star Wars figures and then I helped him to make a Star Wars Snow speeder, during which time, William attempted a nap, twice!, but with no success, so he started making his own thing from lego. He picked out lots of yellow bricks to put on to a vehicle base. Brilliant!!

And whilst typing this, I'm eating the pop corn that Jonathan made by himself! HE at its best.

T and J have just popped to the Post Office with a parcel in his shoulder bag and have £2 to buy a treat for all of us....with 5 to please, that's quite a challenge!!

So much for the peaceful day!!