Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Not exactly HesFes pics ....

more like slug fest!!!!!!
This is what we saw this morning on our dog walk.

2 slugs intertwined hanging from a very small Hawthorn bush growing on the side of the footpath around our local reservoir. One assumes that they were mating. It was the most fascinating thing to watch. I have never seen anything like it before! It was, most bizarrely, very beautiful, although I do not think my camera does the scene justice at all.

Learning truly does happen everywhere.

Just found this on good old You Tube.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Oh why, oh why?

Is settling in at home after a camping trip so difficult for me?
I know there are several people that couldn't wait to get home from HESFES for various reasons, but not me.
I am the same after every camping trip, I think.
I have no desire to leave my canvas living accommodation and swap it for the square bricks and mortar that I am in now.
In fact more so the last two times than any other. The bell tent is so lovely, and the weather has been really good that I contemplated loading the car again this morning to whizz off to The Lakes or somewhere.
Yes. Already.
But instead, I am off to visit a needy friend, and then come back to try to finish sorting out what needs to be sorted.
Why do we have so much stuff?
Why can't we live like that all summer?
Why do I love the minimal living so much?

Although I would miss my books and wool :-)

Will post a bit about Hesfes later xx

Friday, 9 July 2010

Off to HESFES...

see you next week!

Monday, 5 July 2010


Its taken me a while to get round to posting about our week in Derbyshire. So much to sort out when we got home on Wednesday and then we were off to County Scout Camp on Friday!!!
I'm totally exhausted but loved every minute of it. William and David came too and Tom was there as an Explorer rather than his Young Leader role.
It was unbelievably hot and sunny, with loads of different activities for the kids including many different crafts, archery, inflatable slide and Zorbs (human hamster balls!),water sports and a Back to Basics section. Tremendous fun. Something for everyone!
I had a great time as part of the leader team and made some great new friends.
Now its home for a few days befroe we are off to HESFES so I thought I'd better get around to posting some of the pics from holiday.
We stayed at an old familiar campsite. A small one with no facilities to speak of a few miles from Matlock Bath.
It is owned by different people than when we last stayed 5 years ago, and they were lovely. They brought the place alive for me. It was an old couple before and they kept themselves very much to themselves, but Helen was a real feature of the holiday, especially for me! We seemed to hit it off and spent quite a bit of time chatting about things (more about that another time) and it felt as if I had known for years!
The campsite has beautiful views and is one of the reasons why I love it so much.....

And I came home to pick these....
starwberries, potatoes, some broad beans and even a couple of pea pods despite the sparrow population doing all the they can to prevent there being a pea harvest at all!!!

One giant strawberry ....
And a pot of home made strawberry jam!!! YUMMY!

Right, off to do the washing and such like before it decides to rain xx