Monday, 10 October 2011

Busy, busy, busy...

There really is never a dull moment here! There is always something happening or changing and just when you think you cannot simply fit anything more in, it all goes and gets just a little more chaotic!!
Or is it just us? If nothing is happening, it means we are all asleep!
With two boys in school it feels like the day is so short and although people always think that with the kids at school you will have more time, it just isn't true!!!
So what has been going on here??
Two small boys in school. It seems to be getting easier on that front, although a fabulous expression I read on one of our local Home Ed groups springs to mind. Boiling the frogs. I won't explain it it!!!
One eldest boy in college this week. It will be his first day in an English educational establishment since April 2007!!!
And one 14 year old who seems to finally be emerging from his Neanderthal man phase and is almost back in the land of humanity! He has started making nets for ferreting to sell on Ebay and has already sold 4 sets!!! The dreaded paper round may soon be a thing of the past, thank goodness. Its a real bone of contention for both of us.
We have also bought a wood has only been here a week and he can make beautifully turned pieces of wood that resemble chair legs and such like already! He made a matching pair of door knobs for the rabbit hutch (lol) and a lovely little goblet.
(Photo to follow here when i find my cable for my phone)
We have money making plans for this skill too, and have just started him off with a blog...see my side bar for The Nifty Knotter!
Rob has got his first proper commission for the framing business this week and so we are busy planning that, as it is not a standard picture framing job!
I have been busy crafting in between my shifts at work and hope to have a stall at a Christmas gift fair or two. Eeeek! It is all very scary! but also exciting!
Rob and David are also planning gift boxed wands, with a few pre made frames for those family photos for Christmas. Commissions for portrait drawings are also welcomed!
But do we think versatility is a good thing? Or should we be specialising?!!! We shall see.