Tuesday, 3 April 2012

If I leave it any longer, even I will forget who I am!!!

I have lost count of the amount of times I have sat down recently to write a blog post, but not got further than visiting the blog page itself.
I think it is because I haven't written here for so long that I do not know where to begin as I feel some kind of catch up with pictures is necessary.
I have found my phone cable so that is now not an excuse I can use.
I sit here desperately wanting to fit back into the home ed world that we were once so naturally a part of, however distant, yet unable to just slot back in.
So much has changed here. Nothing ever stays still. Always moving. Always morphing.
One teenage boy settled into a mechanics apprenticeship. Another teenage boy being right hand man to the local farm shop this week as her husband has had a major op and is out of action. One 11 year old wanting to be a teenage boy and spending lots of time out with friends in the village. And one small 6 year old currently going through a lego phase and isn't particularly bothered about socialising at the moment.
Yes. You may have worked out by now that we are back to home educating the two younger boys after their spell in school. It was an increasingly stressful situation for us all. We have put our foot into the water at a local meet up but not much else as yet!
We now have an emerging picture framing business...its early days yet but it seems to be going ok so far. Only advertising locally through leaflet drops and seeing how that goes for the time being.
So this is my ice breaking post. I had hopes for a really wonderful inspiring post to get myself back into blogging but for now I think I just need to say hello.
I missed Home Ed and Blogland. I hope you all don't hold grudges for prolonged absences!!!