Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Buttercups and bread dough.

This weekend we were hiding in a field of buttercups....

making bread dough!!!

 The weather conditions were perfect for the dough to be left to rise in our dutch oven.....

and it cooked quite well too!

It was a little smokey flavoured though!

The boys enjoyed a bit of exploring while Rob painted and I knitted. You can just see them if you look carefully! David spotted a Jackdaws nest high up in a crevice in the rocks, and when the parent birds arrived with food you could hear their squarking echoing inside the rock!!

We arrived back this afternoon to a village adorned with bunting and posters proclaiming an exciting weekend of celebrations......all a little beyond me really but thanks to this blog I may be able to bring a little Jubilee to this weeks activities. The laminator awaits!!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Another bag!!! among other things...

David's duffle bag, designed together but manufactured by me! Denim outer, from an old skirt, and canvas lining.
A small strip of leather stitched around the drawstring, keeps it pulled tight.

The straps are tied to loops that are fixed at the base of the bag, so that they can be adjusted if necessary.
My trousers had a tear in them so I made an autumn leaf  patch....but it isn't as bright as this photograph makes it look! It is two layers of material attached with Fusibond. But do I need to oversew the edges? The material is a polyester mix.

Our little overnight camp at the weekend.

Special visitors on Monday :-)

A Waldorf doll ready for a friends baby that is due in Sept.

And I thought I had already uploaded this little fellow we found the other week in the woods. I love Slow worms!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

OMG I think this is my fourth post in three days!!!

Awh, a baby gift bag! Just not sure what you would put in it? Something small obviously!
I made two other bags today from navy blue gingham...large checks. They are just waiting for drawstrings.
I think I may be slightly obsessed!!!
More fabric needed.
Just call me the bag lady!

This is what we woke up to find this morning!

Ok so the photos are a little blurry because I forgot to use my flash and we only had a very small window of time to take the pictures.

But aren't they cute!!!
(They are baby ferrets for those of you who haven't guessed!)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I'm on a roll....

I did it!!!! It's only taken me a year since I saw some at Wonderwool 2011 to pluck up the courage to have a go!
I found these instructions the other day, and with the left over from yesterdays bag, plus a little extra for the pocket, I made a smaller one for my DPN's.

I'm not sure about the ribbon as it is a bit thin and silky but I wanted to get it finished and had nothing else to hand. I may change it to velcro or a material strip.
Or make another ;-)

Monday, 14 May 2012

I made a bag today.....

I found this tutorial the other day and I have been turning it all over in my head since. Until this morning, when I finally made a decision about the fabrics and just went for it!
 It isn't exactly as the instructions. I only used one main fabric instead of two because I love this fabric so much! I also ended up with only one drawstring because of the way I had to cut the fabric. The drawstring is only a temporary one until I can find a suitable ribbon or fabric piece.
But the most important thing is that it is lined!!! And it all went really well.
Not bad for someone who woke up with a sore throat, knowing that the boys cold is on its way, and didn't want to move from her bed!
I love it xx
Maybe I'll be brave enough to try the knitting needle roll now!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Pictorial catch up.

'Wait for me!!!'

 A visit to Mary Arden's farm on my birthday.
'Awh, hello little piggy. Let me tickle your tummy.'

'Err hello. Do you think you could tickle my tummy too?'

Am i the only person who loves the way this bedroom looks?

And this table?

David, the apprentice falconer.

Tudor board game....inspiration for a travel draughts board!
David, the tudor boy.

Telling the time, Tudor style!

And our week away....
Our new Bell tent, from Bell tent uk. Complete with chandelier, thick mattress for mummy and rugs too!

A bit of Ancient history in Wiltshire in the morning.....

and on to another in the afternoon!

David trying on an outfit for size here too!

On to East Devon to a bargain Yurt holiday!

A chance here to cook using our new fire pit and tripod etc

On the beach at Exmouth.
A common theme for our week away was rain and wind. But in true Survival family style we were not put off, even with the severe weather warnings of 60 mph winds on the Cornwall leg of our trip to visit The Eden Project and pick up granny.

Melting lead fishing weights with Jonathan. Obviously we did a Health and Safety assessment before we started. And then, ignoring the reccomendations we just went for it using our common sense!

Pouring it in to the wooden mould.
Jon's handmade wooden mould.
Mould no 3. Plasticene was tried after wood, but then we moved on to Fimo....
With pretty good results!

The air drying clay version.
All this for some 'free' ammunition for his catapault!!!!

The Little Grey Men walk at a local country park, commemorating BB's books.

 Some of Jon's woodturning that I couldn't upload before.....

 And a couple of my crafty projects....
David's Raven face cloth.

Will's doggie one.
 And a new craft.....mini bendy dolls!