Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Autumn is upon us.

As i walked the dogs this morning around the local reservoir, I couldn't help but notice a large flock of Canada geese. They were all honking and jostling on what little water there is left after the summer. The resident swans were none to pleased with their prescence, and one swan in particular kept running across the water, like they do before they take off in to the air, and flapping its wings at them whilst hissing and honking itself. Rather brave I felt as there must have been well over a hundred geese in that corner.
I usually see the heron on my morning walk but not today. Too much noise I guess, from these other large birds.
And so, here I am at home thinking about putting together an Autumn season table and thinking about how different life is now.
The two youngest boys are in school still.....which I can only liken to a rollar coaster ride, and Tom has officially started his apprenticeship in a 4x4 garage in the nearest town. He will attend his first day of college in the next couple of weeks.
So it has just been me and Jonathan at home for the last few month,(summer holidays being the exception) and it has been mighty strange. Not a situation that I have found easy to get used to, or indeed accept readily.
All is about to change again here though, with Rob leaving full time work and us both attempting part time jobs again, with a view to setting up our own business in the near future. More on all that another time.
I intend to begin posting again regularly, because we do still do stuff worth sharing in blogland; its just that I haven't felt like it for a while!
Looking forward to catching up with some craftiness now that the season is changing too!