Saturday, 20 November 2010

Winter is most definitely here.

I have been walking the dogs on my own most mornings after dropping David at school. It has been a much needed time and space for me. Not to mention the physical excercise! Last Monday was so beautiful I couldn't resist taking lost of pictures of the frost, sunshine and the mist creeping across the reservoir.....

Then on Tuesday it was a complete change. Still cold, but hardly any view at all. Just the fog obscuring the view across the water and the sun trying to shine through the cloud cover and creating dramatic and dark images.

Winter is most definitely here.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A whole month has passed.......

and the season table is nearly ready for this little chap that I made a few weeks ago.

and just in time for halloween, Tom found this poor wee little fellow....

He is a Natterers bat and apparently not very common according to the Waraickshire Bat Group that we reported our find to. The man was very pleased to come and collect it as they don't have a specimen of this type.

A lovely sunny walk in the woods. We have been doing a lot of this recently, but on this day there were some lovely views of the sun through the trees.

So what else have we been doing?

Well, David did a distance swim with the club a few weeks back and he swam 56 lengths in 50 mins!!! 1400m!!! Thats nearly a mile!! I find it quite amazing, seeing as I struggle to do 30 in an hour!

He has also been away on cub camp, except they didn't camp, they went to Bristol and stayed in a youth hostel. He had a lovely time despite initial nerves.

And then the day after he came home, he decided he wanted to give school another try!!!! And in less than 2 hours of the conversation, we were visiting a lovely little village school, with a lovely head mistress who took an instant liking to him and asked him if he would like to stay that afternoon. And so he did!!!

He has settled in well, as he already has lots of friends there from cubs. He is coming out smiling and going in willingly.
We are on day 6 today I think, so I'm not holding my breath. Although I guess it was two and a half years ago that he tried before and that was at the school of inflexibility! We shall see. The honeymoon period is not yet over, so I'll not be changing the sidebar description of us just yet ;-)