Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Buttercups and bread dough.

This weekend we were hiding in a field of buttercups....

making bread dough!!!

 The weather conditions were perfect for the dough to be left to rise in our dutch oven.....

and it cooked quite well too!

It was a little smokey flavoured though!

The boys enjoyed a bit of exploring while Rob painted and I knitted. You can just see them if you look carefully! David spotted a Jackdaws nest high up in a crevice in the rocks, and when the parent birds arrived with food you could hear their squarking echoing inside the rock!!

We arrived back this afternoon to a village adorned with bunting and posters proclaiming an exciting weekend of celebrations......all a little beyond me really but thanks to this blog I may be able to bring a little Jubilee to this weeks activities. The laminator awaits!!


Frugal Queen said...

just the most perfect time, love to see bread being cooked, or smoked, anywhere xxx love Froogs xxx

Anonymous said...

You do have the loveliest adventures!

Enjoy the nice weather

Rob's Auntie Rose xx